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The Eye Tumor Research Foundation is a foundation devoted to research in eye cancers and eye tumors in an effort to win the struggle for life and sight. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to extend life and sight and improve patient care by developing and improving methods of diagnosis and treatments. The contributions made to the foundation are specifically for one purposeā€”to provide support for research in the investigation of eye cancers and eye tumors. Your generous donations are needed to ensure the continuation of this goal. Your child, your spouse, your parent could be the next one to notice blurred vision and receive the news that there is cancer lurking inside the eye. We need your help.



We are looking for determined, passionate people who are ready to fight for life & sight and become leaders in their community. What does a team leader do? A team leader can do many things in their community including: Organize ETRF fundraisers, spread eye cancer awareness, meet and foster relationships with others in their area who are also fighting for life & sight. Once you take the jump and become a leader, ETRF will provide you with all the tools you need to help make your efforts a success! Are you ready to take the next step? Click here to become a leader today!




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In 2012, a great friend and colleague lost his battle to cancer. In honor of Dr. Carlos Bianciotto, the Carlos G. Bianciotto Retinoblastoma Research Fund was established to support investigations for retinoblastoma in children. Learn more about Dr. Carlos Bianciotto, his fund, and how to donate to retinoblastoma research:





In order to succeed in the fight for life & sight we must join together and connect. Through social media, the sharing of stories, and advancement in research we, together, have the opportunity to beat cancer.

You can read our heroes' stories via the Eye Cancer Heroes' website, Twitter, and Facebook. Or become an Eye Cancer Hero yourself! Your story will bring hope and insight to someone battling eye cancer. Send your stories today to:

Become a founding member of the Fight Eye Cancer Society! As a member you will receive: Up-to-date information on ongoing research. Membership exclusives during your office visit. 20% off all ETRF purchases in office. And more!!! With a $1,000 annual donation to the Eye Tumor Research Foundation, you are eligible to become a founding member of the Fight Eye Cancer Society. Click here to apply!


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